What is Google Chromecast?

By Shaun, August 2, 2013

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What is Google Chromecast? Well, the short answer to that question is that we don’t know. It’s too early in the streaming device’s life to know what it’s going to be in five, or even one year from now. Despite its question marks, it has my attention.
I strolled into a Best Buy last Friday, two days before Google said the electronics chain would have Chromecast in stock. I thought there was an off chance that I’d get lucky, and the new streaming device could have arrived early. As it turned out, I got there at the exact time the Best Buy employees were unpacking the devices from their shipping boxes.

After explaining to the Best Buy employee what Chromecast was (yes, I explained it to him), I contemplated buying the device. But not because it did anything groundbreaking in its current form. This little dongle doesn’t do anything I can’t already do on an Xbox, PlayStation 3, or any mobile device. But the Chromecast is intriguing. It’s a device that is barely bigger than a flash drive that will potentially open the internet up to any TV all at the bargain price of $35. How could i resist?


  1. ron says:

    wtf you said nothing. open up the tv to the internet . . . how? it’s a usb port. my tv doesn’t have a usb port; or do they come with them now.

  2. Thomas Johnson says:

    Why do I have to wade through all the bullcrap advertising nicy nice words without any meaning. Its as bad as an Obama speech, mindless drivel for the brain dead masses. I would like a straight forward description of what it does and how it is used. I guess it is from GOOGLE, so I really don’t want anything from them.

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